Assignment Name:

Event Report Writing on EXPO 2005 & Expo 2006

Duration of Assignment (months):

3.0 months + 3.0 months


Country: Pakistan

Location within Country: Karachi

Total No. of staff-months of the Assignment:

12.0 man months

Name of PA:

Export Promotion Bureau, Government of Pakistan (Now TDAP)

Name of Associated Consultants, if 

any: N/A



Smart Consultants office, Karachi


No. of professional staff-months provided by associated Consultants:


Start date (month/year):

February 2005


Completion date (month/year):

May 2006


Name of senior professional staff of your firm and their functions:

·         Sikander Abbasi – Lead Consultant

·         Masood Zaman – Dy. Lead Consultant

·         Faiza Khan – Consultant

·         Imran Ul Haq – Consultant

·         Bushra Saeed  – Enumerator and Admin Support

Official Event Report writers for EXPO 2005 & 2006. The project comprised of being associated with the project from the planning stage till it’s winding up and Audit. Smart Consultants’ task was to write a comprehensive report on the event inter alia including Pre-Event activitieslike Marketing, hotel bookings, receiving of international delegates, Inauguration Ceremony, covering the event, media center, conferences, meetings, signing of MoUs, conducting on-site surveys of visitors, exhibitors, international delegates. Post event activities included a survey through emails to the Embassies and Consulates of Pakistan for getting their views and their delegate’ views about the event. Finally,  an event report was prepared for government’s use which covered: Objectives of the event, Planning Marketing of the event, Execution of the event, Inaugural ceremony, Exhibition, Conferences, Product workshops, Export development workshops, Match making activities,  Financial profile, Budgetary performance and Results

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