Assignment Name:

Feasibility Report for the establishment of a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) manufacturing Unit at Gadoon Amazai.

Duration of Assignment (months):

5.0 months


Country: Pakistan

Location within Country: Karachi

Total No. of staff-months of the Assignment:

7.0 man months

Name of PA:

Kashmir Polytex Limited

Name of Associated Consultants, if

any: N/A


Smart Consultants office, Karachi


No. of professional staff-months provided by

associated Consultants: N/A


Start date (month/year):

March 2006


Completion date (month/year):

August 2006


Name of senior professional staff of your firm and their functions:

·         Sikander Abbasi – Lead Consultant

·         Faiza Khan – Consultant


Sponsors of the project envisaged establishing a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Unit capable of producing flexible bags of 1000 Kilograms of storage capacity at Gadoon Amazai.  FIBC commonly known as ‘Jumbo Bags’, are used for packing, handling, storage and transportation of lumpy material in bulk quantities such as fertilizer, cement, sand, mineral, grains etc. The project was being established in technical collaboration and buyback agreement with Storsack Group. Storsack Limited is the largest manufacturer and suppliers of Jumbo bags having joint ventures in 18 countries. The feasibility report encompassed market analysis, technical and locational analysis, environmental impact, financial projections and a write-up on the sponsors of the project.

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