Assignment Name:

Feasibility Study for Setting up a Credit Guarantee Fund for SME Sector in Pakistan

Duration of Assignment (months):

4 months


Country: Pakistan

Location within Country: Karachi & Islamabad

Total No. of staff-months of the Assignment:

6 man months

Name of PA:

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Name of Associated Consultants, if

any:                  Fincon Inc.



Smart Consultants office, Karachi

Fincon Inc. Office Islamabad

No. of professional staff-months provided by associated Consultants:

4 man months

Start date (month/year):

August 2014


Completion date (month/year):

December 2014


Name of senior professional staff of your firm and their functions:

·         Sikander Abbasi – Lead Consultant

·         Sultan Tiwana- Co-Lead Consultant

·         Shahzad Mansoor Qadir – Consultant

·         Muhammad Bux Qureshi – Financial Analyst

Based upon the successful experience of Mutual Credit Guarantee Scheme in Italy, UNIDO desired to understand the possibility of transfer of such scheme to Pakistan to leverage the collective strength of small scale industrial units to obtain loans from the organized banking sector. The project’s objective was to review the context, propose funding modalities and to develop technical features for establishment of Credit Guarantee Fund, highlighting international best practices in CGFs and in light of existing CGs in Pakistan. ​

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