Assignment Name:

Study on International Education Market in Pakistan

Duration of Assignment (months):

2.0 months


Country: Pakistan

Location within Country: Karachi.

Total No. of staff-months of the Assignment:

4.0 man months

Name of PA:

Canadian High Commission

Name of Associated Consultants, if any: National Management Consultants (Pvt.) Limited, Karachi

NMC office, Karachi


No. of professional staff-months provided by 

associated Consultants: 0.25 months


Start date (month/year):

March 2012


Completion date (month/year):

May 2012


Name of senior professional staff of your firm and their functions:

·         Sikander Abbasi – Lead Consultant

·         Nadir Ahmad – Consultant

·         Dr. Junaid Ahmad – Quality Assurance

Study aimed International Education Market in Pakistan. Research pertained, inter alia, to education system in Pakistan, current estimates of education institutions’ enrolment level & teachers, regulatory regime, foreign assistance and scholarship programs in the Country, market environment and reasons for drop in number of enrollments abroad and opportunities for Canadian educational institutions. etc.​