Assignment Name:

Training of Nazims, Naib Nazims and Councilors under GoP’s Devolution Program through ADB’s Decentralization Support Program implemented by GoS 

Duration of Assignment (months):

2.0 months



Country: Pakistan

Location within Country: Khairpur Sindh & Ghotki Sindh

Total No. of staff-months of the Assignment:

4.0 man months


Name of PA:

Decentralization Support Program, Government of Sindh

Name of Associated Consultants, if

any: N/A



Smart Consultants office, Karachi


No. of professional staff-months provided by

associated Consultants: N/A


Start date (month/year):

November 2006


Completion date (month/year):

December 2006


Name of senior professional staff of your firm and their functions:

·         Sikander Abbasi – Lead Trainer

·         Ghulam Mustafa Khan – Co Trainer


The CEO of Smart Consultants was assigned to impart trainings on Local Government Ordinance (LGO) in two districts of Sindh (Khairpur District and Ghotki District). 4 one week training programs were run at each district. A total of around 200 lawmakers were trained.

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